Héctor Rodríguez highlighted the Government’s effort to guarantee a decent salary for workers

Hace 1 año.

The deputy and Head of the Bloc of the Homeland, Hector Rodriguez, stressed that despite the economic difficulties of last year, caused by the decline in oil revenues and the attacks of the economic war, the National Government did not abandon social policy and increased the wages of the entire working class.

“Last year oil revenues dropped to $ 5 billion. There were months where the country’s income was zero … Despite this, the Government did not stop paying salaries”, he stressed during the Homeland Congress of the Working Class, which took place in Bolivar state.

He ratified the will of the National Government to increase wages whenever induced inflation “tries to steal the income of workers.”

Rodríguez said that in addition to the economic war, the falling in oil revenues, drought and power generation problems, the National Government had to face a financial siege in 2016, even though the nation has paid all its external commitments.