Hector Rodriguez: 2017 Budget cannot be sent to the NA because it is in contempt

Hace 1 año.

During an interview in the “Vladimir a la 1! (Vladimir at 1) program, the head of the Parliamentary Bloc of the Homeland, Hector Rodriguez, reiterated that the 2017 budget can not be sent to the National Assembly, because it is in contempt, according to the Supreme Court judgment of Justice (TSJ).

“Nobody is by-passing the National Assembly (AN). The President (Nicolas Maduro) said that, out of respect for the NA, he asked the TSJ (Supreme Justice Court) what to do (with the budget), because that instance ha declared the NA in contempt, “said Rodriguez.

“Amazonas state became an electoral offense. You may not agree (with something), but you can not disown a ruling by the Supreme Court. I want to see elections in Amazonas. What has delayed the election process are the legal actions that have initiated those involved”, said the parliamentarian.

When asked about the recall referendum, promoted by the Venezuelan right wing, the leader of the Homeland Bloc said it has not been activated “because they are fighting among themselves (the opposition). There will not be a referendum this year, and I don’t think there will be in 2017 (…) the fight is within the opposition, and therefiore the National Assembly does not work”.

He stressed that Chavismo is unified, is on the streets, is struggling; “And we will resolve right now the issue of queues, the issue of meals”.