Head of State rejected onslaught of Ramos Allup against the FANB

Hace 2 años.

During his speech at the ceremony held on Tuesday to claim the historical legacy of social activists disappeared in the Governments of the Fourth Republic, the Head of State, Nicolas Maduro, reiterated his support for the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) and repudiated the attacks by the Chairman of the National Assembly (NA), Henry Ramos Allup, against (Defense) Minister Vladimir Padrino López.

“As Commander in Chief of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, I do ratify my complete admiration, support and recognition to G/F, Vladimir Padrino López (…) Go out to defend with the words, do not let your honor be attacked”, expressed the President from the National Theater in Caracas.

He further stressed that nobody has the right to lash out “in such a brutal manner” against the Armed Forces and other Powers of the State.