Head of State: Let’s recover the spirit of 1999 that marked the emergence of Bolivarianism

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, called on Wednesday to lift the spirit of 1999 that marked the emergence of Bolivarianism, after a century of looting, backwardness and imperial domination.

“Let’s recover the spirit of 1999, of union, of rebellion, of rebirth of Bolivarianism, the revolutionary transforming spirit that brought Commander (Hugo) Chavez, the spirit of dreams, of hope, of progress, of an offensive, let’s recover the original spirit” said the Head of State in a joint radio and television broadcast.

“In 1999 it began the Venezuelan 21st century. We waved goodbye to a century of looting and surrendering, and the National Constituent Assembly, within the Bolivarian spirit, opened the floodgates of the Venezuelan 21st century, the century of the realization of the Venezuelan dream”, he said.

“Today, over time, 17 years later, we can say that in 1999, as a result of accumulation of moral forces and popular rebellions, occurred in Venezuela a social, political miracle, and that miracle was the National Constituent Assembly” stressed the Venezuelan President.

This was stated during the ceremony held to mark the 17th anniversary of the Constituent National Assembly and 210 years of the arrival of Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda to La Vela de Coro with the First National Tricolor Flag, which was performed at the National Pantheon, in Caracas.