Head of State has made more than 300 calls for dialogue

Hace 3 meses.

The Minister for Information and Communication and representative of the Bolivarian Government to attend the dialogue this November 15 in the Dominican Republic, Jorge Rodríguez, confirmed that in the last four years the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, has made more than 300 calls to dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition.

He revealed that several public and private meetings have been held with opposition sectors to finalize a peace and coexistence agreement.

Rodriguez, head of the delegation that will attend the Dominican Republic next Wednesday to resume the dialogue with the right wing, stressed that the Government will come without any conditions and without allowing the interference of foreign Governments, as claimed by the delegation of the opposition. He clarified that the meetings are also attended by accompanying countries.

He revealed that prior to the ANC elections on July 30, an agreement had been reached with MUD factors, but a last-minute call from Henrique Capriles ruined the negotiations, according to confessions made by the (right wing) leader Manuel Rosales.

“They have always had many problems of division, that is one of the great tragedies that the Venezuelan opposition has. The second tragedy is that they almost never meet what they promise”, he said.