Head of State: Dialogue has no alternative

Hace 1 año.

President Nicolás Maduro announced the arrival next week of the international facilitators of the dialogue process undertaken by the National Government, reiterating their commitment to dialogue and the “peaceful search for harmonious solutions to all political and national issues that may be deemed necessary to be addressed with all sectors” and even with the MUD.

During the presentation of his annual message to the nation, this Sunday, at the seat of the Judicial Branch in Caracas, he reiterated – observing an image of Jesus Christ of the Good Shepherd presented  to him by a young fisherman from Nueva Esparta state, that ” Dialogue has no alternatives”. “I ask our Lord of the Good Shepherd to enlighten me to be a President of dialogue, of peace, of understanding and true transformations.”

He recalled that dialogue is not a new initiative, is part of the sustained efforts of Commander Hugo Chavez, initiated since 1996, amid a world marked by political violence, repression against the people and rebellions against the IMF and the neoliberal model.

“The call for a table of dialogue is part of the deep, authentic nature of the Chavista Bolivarianism, of the new Bolivarianism of the 21st century, because we believe in peace. Only through the discussion of ideas and a sincere, true, unmanipulated dialogue it is possible to lead a society towards higher destinies, to cement the national union on the basis of a deep spirituality.