Head of State demands FANB officers for loyalty to the legacy of the Liberators

Hace 2 años.

Officers who ranked first in the order of merit of the different promotions belonging to the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) are being promoted to a higher grade, a tribute that is awarded by the President of the Republic and Commander In Chief of this institution, Nicolas Maduro.

The President congratulated the Command Officers, Technicians and Assimilated personnel, who called for the “utmost loyalty to the eternal ideal of our Liberator Simon Bolivar, the spirit of the Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda, the example of the general in chief Rafael Urdaneta and the legacy of Commander Hugo Chavez, to continue seeing how it is born and is created the most important National Armed Forces that has had our Homeland and that has had our continent”.

In this regard, official Leonardo Trujillo Cordero, in charge of requesting permission for the event, manifested that this staff of officers “will carry the distinction with honor, loyalty, discipline and obedience in defense of the Homeland, of the guarantee of our sovereignty, of the glories of our Liberator Simon Bolivar, and the legacy of our Supreme Commander, Hugo Chavez Frias”.

Among the officers who received the distinction is highlighted Lieutenant Juan Francisco Escalona, who was always next to Commander Chavez. The information was provided during the act of promotion of new Generals and Admirals of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces.