Gustavo Pereira: Venezuela is a threat for refusing to lose its sovereignty

Hace 2 años.

For writer Gustavo Pereira, the real threat that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela represents is none other than the absolute negation to lose its sovereignty.

This assertion was made in the ‘La Politica en el Diván” (Politics in the Divan) program, broadcast by VTV, where he also said he has not seen any opposition leader ruling against any invasion by the US Government, referring to the information bombardment to which the Venezuelans are exposed, and “the ideology implemented by this nation.”

“It is the threat of dignity for the defense of a country which has costed us a lot, it is the defense of a people who has been segregated, excluded, reviled and humiliated for centuries, and who has now regained their dignity”, said Pereira, referring on the extent of the interventionist decree by President Barack Obama against Venezuela.

The poet and literary critic also said that currently it is not easy for the Homeland consciousness to to penetrate all citizens. “It’s a historical matter, which explains the lack of patriotic values in some Venezuelans,” he said on Thursday night.

For his part, Jorge Rodriguez, mayor of Caracas, said that “Obama should understand that Venezuela is a country that must be respected” and repudiated the statements by the US President on which he requested the resignation of President Nicolas Maduro. “Obama said that our President should be ousted to make way for a Government imposed by (his) lackeys”.

Finally, he regretted that the adeco(*)-burgeois National Assembly refused to discuss the decree.

(*)Adeco: Which belongs or pertains to the “Acción Democrática” rightwing political party.