Great mining reserve! Venezuela could have 7000 tons of gold

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, expressed on Monday that Venezuela could have 7,000 tons of gold reserves that will be extracted as part of the actions of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, and the wealth that has the country in terms of natural resources.

“This has already been investigated, out of these 7,000 tonnes, we are certifying 4,000 at this time. The US has the largest gold reserve in the world with 7,100 tonnes, Venezuela would be very close to that, and once certified, they would enter the extraction process, in compliance with the Constitution, in attachment to the Homeland Plan, and respecting the environmental issues, and this will allow to compensate the issue of oil wealth”, said the National President during his participating in the “7 Preguntas Con” (7 Questions With) program,  hosted by Ernesto Villegas.

In that regard, he stressed the development of the Orinoco Mining Arch, which is conceived within the Homeland Plan, and which must be compatible with all technologies and adapt itself to the preservation of the ecosystem. “What we can not be thinking of is in that such an extraordinary wealth, so big, so huge, is not touched”.