Government will take provisions to preserve peace in border states

Hace 1 año.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday ordered the Minister of People’s Power for Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, to take the necessary precautions to preserve peace in the border area of Venezuela with Colombia, concerning the plebiscite held on Sunday at the neo-granadine nation.

The Head of State asked his counterpart Juan Manuel Santos for the indefinite cease fire in Colombia, in favor of the peace of that people, and appealed to the National Armed Forces to prepare to ensure peace on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, to the possibility that the conflict in the neighboring country would restart.

“We ask President Santos to maintain the ceasefire in an indefinitely manner in Colombia, we also ask so on behalf of all the peoples who want peace. We dare to claim it as signatories of the peace agreement, no more war, no more fighting, no more death, enough of that”, said the Venezuelan President.

He recalled that the Venezuelan people have been victims of the armed conflict in Colombia, and so he ordered the Strategic Operational Commander General in Chief Vladimir Padrino López to “take all military provisions in the National Plan for Security and Peace, just in case it restarts the war in Colombia; the necessary measures to ensure the peace of our borders, because it seems to be imposing the rattle of machine guns, despite the international commitment made by the Government of Colombia to the UN”, said Maduro.

In his view, it would be very painful that, due to the electoral tie Colombia, would start a new war for 50 years more, and therefore he rejected the call to generate conflicts that has been fueled by those who supported the campaign of “No” in the neighboring country.

“We have been victims of war, it is unfortunate and painful because how much hope we brought from Cartagena, how many hours of work, of an international effort, for now to be said that war comes back again”, he said.