Government has delivered 1,009,412 housings since GMVV started across the country

Hace 2 años.

The Minister for Housing, Manuel Quevedo, said the National Government delivered on Thursday 1,700 new housings for a total of one million, 9 thousand and 412  delivered by the Bolivarian Revolution since the start of the Great Mission Housing nationwide.

This announcement was made from the Miraflores Housing Development, in the Araure municipality of Portuguesa State, where he participated in the delivery of 80 decent housings through the 0800-MiHogar (MyHome) program.

Meanwhile, the Governor of that state, Reinaldo Castañeda, explained that in the plains region have been built 42,087 decent housings since the start of the Great Mission Housing Venezuela.

The 0800-MiHogar program is a plan developed by the Revolution in the framework of the GMVV aimed at meeting the housing needs of the middle class. This 0800-MiHogar plan has 109 projects initiated in the country, which translates into 23,698 households only in its early stages.