Germán Saltrón: Nobody can accuse Venezuela of violating Human Rights

Hace 2 años.

The specialist in Human Rights (HR), Germán Saltrón, manifested on Tuesday during his participation in the ‘En La Palestra’ (At the Podium) program, broadcast by the RNV information Channel, that here in the country there are no political prisoners, as the right wing wants to make see to the world, but politicians who have committed common crimes, and yet, their human rights are being respected.

“Those who are behind bars have attacked the property, the lives of people, have not respected the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, have resorted to methods of violence to overthrow the Government, and have been judged by the relevant courts. They have had the right to defense, are serving time for their responsibilities in actions contrary to the law”, said Saltrón in the context of the so-called “La Salida” (The Exit) plan, carried out by representatives of the opposition in 2014, with results of unfortunate victims and widespread damages to the country.

He emphasized that in Venezuela, now more than ever are respected the human rights. “Here is respected the right to demonstrate, the civil liberties, the freedom of expression, and no one can accuse us of violations of human rights; quite on the contrary, if an official incurs in excesses in its actions, the courts have taken in the matter, because we are respectful of the Constitution”.

He also noted that the recent statements by US President Barack Obama, where he qualified the Venezuelan Government as undemocratic and that it must be overthrown, give a green light to the violent sectors of the Venezuelan opposition to promote more violence.

“What we could expect indeed is that they would go again to take the streets violently, as they have just done during 17 years”, he detailed.