G77 + China reject US imperial decree against Venezuela

Hace 2 años.

To the United Nations (UN), the 77 + China  Group rejected on Wednesday the executive order in which the United States qualify Venezuela as “an unusual and extraordinary threat” to the American nation, which was ratified for another year last March 3.

Through a communiqué, the mechanism comprising 134 countries urged the US government to resolve differences with the South American country through dialogue and respect for the full sovereignty and self-determination of the peoples and the United Nations Charter, as reported CubaDebate.

The block also reaffirms its solidarity and support for the people and the Government of Venezuela before this onslaught, which “in no way contributes to the spirit of political and economic dialogue and understanding between the countries.”

He also stressed that Venezuela has been a cornerstone in strengthening the South-South cooperation and has given a tireless support to peace and the establishment of a multipolar world.

The executive order against Venezuela signed by President Obama in March last year was rejected by the Venezuelan people, by other nations and leaders from all around the world.

After its renovation on March 3, for a period of one year, the resolution has again received the rejection by the Venezuelan population, the Bolivarian Government and brotherly countries.