From the ranks of the opposition has been born an armed insurgency

Hace 11 meses.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denounced that from the ranks of the opposition has been born an armed, fascist and anti-popular insurgency, that has risen in arms against the Republic.

“I have ordered to activate search operations for those groups that have risen in arms against the Republic and against the people,” he said, and asserted, “We are going to defend ourselves from terrorism”; statements he offered during a popular assembly held in the Plaza Caracas square, after delivering to the Electoral Power the decree to convene a National Constituent Assembly.

He assured that the fascist coup d’ etat is being defeated, but that still there are actions to be taken to finish to defeat it.

“Enough of violence and criminal and armed assaults, covering their faces in order to assault the people … while they call for violence I call for the Constituent, while they activate violent groups I call on the people, with their vote, to exercise their sovereignty and Elect a National Constituent Assembly”, he said.

He told the fact happened in Cabudare, Lara state on Tuesday night,  of a kidnapping of a large gasoline tank truck, which was burned by terrorist groups, and blamed Julio Borges for his repeated call for violence.

He also referred to the intentional disruption of the electricity service in Nueva Esparta state, on which, from the mainland, they sabotaged the submarine cable that carries the electric power to the island.

The Head of State called on all social and political movements to join the constituent process to build peace.