From “dictatorship” to the primaries: The extreme turn of the opposition speech in Venezuela

Hace 6 meses.

This Sunday, the Board of Unity (MUD) held primary elections to define single candidates for the Governorates of 19 states, with the objective of participating in the regional elections scheduled for October, a decision that contradicts the speech held by this political group in the last three months, when the coalition said to “disown” the National Electoral Council (CNE) and ensured that it would not participate in elections organized by this electoral body.

While assuring that there is a dictatorial regime in Venezuela, the main spokesmen and political parties of the national right wing are preparing to participate in a process of direct, universal and secret vote, organized and ruled by the institution they were attacking.

Helena Márquez, who participated in the process at the polling station set up by the MUD at Plaza Bolívar of the Chacao municipality in Caracas to elect the candidate for Miranda state, said that despite being “in a dictatorship”, the opposition “must take the control of important structures of power such as governorates and mayorships”.

In that sense, the Secretary General of the Acción Democrática (right wing) party, Henry Ramos Allup, who until August claimed that it was necessary to illegally designate a new CNE directive for the opposition to go to elections, declared that the right-wing coalition is obliged to participate in the regional elections to support the democratic image that has projected through the international media narrative.

“The international community is supporting our electoral participation because that was one of the essential approaches that we made, that an electoral calendar was set. Now that they have set the schedule, even with the entanglements and the possibility of a trap, what are we going to tell the international community: that we are not going to elections?”, He said from the national MUD Command in Miranda state.

Between April and July 2017, the MUD promoted and financed multiple outbreaks of political violence in various cities of the country, with the confessed intention of generating a climate of “ungovernability” and a rupture of the constitutional thread of the Republic that would justify a foreign intervention in Venezuela. The leaders of the right wing assured then that they would not participate in any election without disrupting beforehand -out of timing and in an illegal manner- the constitutional period of President Nicolás Maduro.

Four months after activating this agenda, which failed in its insurrectional objectives, the opposition coalition finally goes to the electoral process, which it faces with internal divisions as a result of the contradictions in its discourse.