Fernández: Dialogue advances generate confidence between the parties

Hace 5 meses.

Jorge Rodriguez, spokesman for the Presidential delegation for dialogue, thanked the support of former Dominican President Leonel Fernandez and his collaborators for the talks being carried out and with positive results.

“Thank you for the efforts of the latest two years, so that dialogue is crystallized, we are convinced that the problems of Venezuelans, will be solved by the Venezuelans”, he said.

On the other hand, Leonel Fernandez, was satisfied by the presence of the spokesmen of both the Government and the opposition, and reiterated the commitment with the peace of Venezuela.

“In order to find the peace and tranquility that the people deserves, we will find a peaceful solution to the political conflict in Venezuela, we are hopeful that we can advance in the upcoming meetings for the understanding between both political forces”.

Fernandez confessed to the multi-state owned teleSUR TV station, to feel pleased on the understanding of the parties, he assured that “it is satisfactory for us and above all that it is possible to advance in those controversial subjects for both the Government and the opposition, I believe that as the panorama in the horizon has been clearing, is emerges a greater trust between both parties”, he said.

He affirmed that all conflict requires perseverance and the conviction that peace can be achieved, a sign of what happened in Colombia: “After 50 years of war, they realized that dialogue was the way to resolve their differences”, he said.