FANB ratifies defense of national sovereignty against Obama’s interventionist decree

Hace 2 años.

The Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) condemned on Monday the new onslaught phase of the US government against the sovereignty, self-determination and democracy in Venezuela, after President Barack Obama announced the renewal of the executive order in which he points to this South American nation as “an unusual and extraordinary threat” to the US security.

Through a communiqué, signed by the Minister for Defense and Operational Strategic Commander, General in Chief Vladimir Padrino López, it is noted that in that sense the FANB reiterates its commitment to the constitutional mandate of preserving the sovereignty and independence of the nation.

The FANB “Again raises its voice for and to the people of Venezuela and the world, to manifest its profound indignation and utter rejection of the unfortunate and absurd decision of the President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, of extending by another year these sanctions, which are arbitrary and without any legal support”, says the text released on Monday.

Following,  the full Communiqué:

The Bolivarian National Armed Forces, in strict compliance with what is enshrined in Article 328 of our Magna Carta, which assigns us the sacred mission to “… guarantee the independence and sovereignty of the Nation and ensure the integrity of its geographical space …”  raises again its voice for and to the people of Venezuela and the world, to express its profound indignation and utter rejection of the unfortunate and absurd decision of the President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, of extending by one year these sanctions which are arbitrary and without any legal support, against Venezuelan citizens, and thus ratify the executive order that qualifies our nation as “… an unusual and extraordinary threat to the US national security and foreign policy …”.

It is inconceivable that the government of the strongest military power in the world, is adopting a measure of this nature, of an eminently interventionist character, of a marked imperialist accent, absolutely disrespectful of the principles of self-determination of the peoples, and lacking the most elemental political logic, against our people, against its authorities and its legitimately constituted Government, elected by popular will, of a strictly pacifist vocation and respectful of human rights.

It’s not Venezuela the country that intervenes in several parts of the world to promote and implement atrocious wars that generate thousands of victims among dead, wounded and displaced people, including the elderly and children!.

It is not Venezuela who promotes destabilizing acts in governments of other latitudes !.

It is not Venezuela who decides and executes commercial, economic and financial blockades to other peoples of the world!

It’s not the Venezuela the largest consumer-not-producer of illegal drugs worldwide, nor it has a nuclear arsenal as a means of threat!.

Quite the contrary, Venezuela, its people, its Government and its Military Institution have always promoted peace and freedom. Venezuela is truly a hope that is built day by day, in the heat of a real, popular, participatory democracy.

At the present time, when the Revolution, through the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, is making enormous efforts to revive the national economy, precisely affected by a crisis promoted by the very capitalist system, the US Government launches this new attack that seems to obey dark interests and which are part of a systematic campaign orchestrated by elites, some internal and some from abroad, inebriated of power, against Venezuela, to discredit the Revolutionary process initiated by our Supreme and Eternal Commander, Hugo Chavez, and which is now led by President Nicolas Maduro Moros, Commander in Chief of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces.

But we are certain on that the Venezuelan society will know how to properly understand the evil nature of these maneuvers and, along with its government, will overcome the adversity to continue building their own destiny in a sovereign and independent manner, and thus achieve the progress, development and prosperity, cherished by all our compatriots, to whom we reiterate, regardless of their political tendencies, the urgent need to remain monolithically together, the people and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, in perfect synergy, in order to face the hostility of the unpatriotic ones and to preserve the higher interests of the nation.

“Chavez Lives, the Homeland Continues”

“Independence and Socialist Homeland … We Shall live and Overcome”.