FANB ratified commitment with legacy of Zamora

Hace 1 año.

On Wednesday, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) ratified its commitment to the values that guided the struggle of Ezequiel Zamora, through a manifesto read by the Minister for Defense,  Vladimir Padrino López.

Regarding the events commemorating the Bicentenary of the birth of Zamora, held in the Paseo Los Próceres (The Heroes Stroll), in Caracas, Padrino López read the document in which the Bolivarian National Armed Forces ratified their commitment to the revolutionary legacy and social struggle that always characterized Ezequiel Zamora.

“Ezequiel Zamora, the man of social justice, of social guarantees, of the civic-military union … (this) is a date to acknowledge the leadership of that man, the courage and the strength of that man, who ended up being betrayed”, says the text read by Padrino López.

The document states that today, the soldier men and women: “Pay tribute to your example of martyr, your courage and intelligence as a warrior, with faith, hope, and with our heads on high, we will remain in a stoic vigil so your legacy will never more be betrayed and for us to continue building a great, free, sovereign country, governed by the law and the principles of equality, of justice, common good, solidarity and peace”.

In the manifesto, the FANB acknowledges the value of Zamora as a military strategist: “Today we are a proud army after you, one that takes up your flags, the same ones of Bolivar, to crystallize that beautiful redention dream sculpted with immeasurable patriotic love. Your imprint is immense and has been impregnated in the genetics of Venezuelanity and in the combative spirit of men and women in arms”.