FANB present in impulse of productive and economical engines

Hace 2 años.

The Bolivarian National Armed Forces, FANB, joined the effort developed by the Venezuelan State for relaunching the economy of the nation and the 15 productive engines, therefore, on Monday was held a meeting with the Vice President for the Economic Area in order to continue to exchange proposals and to overcome the induced economic situation.

Miguel Perez Abad, Vice President for the Economic Area, to its exit noted that productive dialogue has been fundamental to face the parallel exchange rate. “This stage has been for the economic stabilization, reaching agreements with the different sectors to recover the productive capacity”, he said.

He explained that within the economic indices has influenced the constant wage increases increased by President Nicolas Maduro.

Similarly, the Vice President said that during the meeting were managed points such as the trend of the parallel dollar, lower oil prices and the scope of economic measures.

For his part, Vladimir Padrino López, Minister for Defense, said that have articulately worked with the Vice Presidency for Economic Affairs, in all areas, especially “in the Military Industry engine”.

“We are promoting initiatives, first to meet the needs of the Armed Forces and then to give an important step regarding exports,” he added.

The Minister stressed that have maintained an excellent meeting “where have been raised concerns by the officers, and this serves to clarify the great efforts being made by President Maduro in the economic area.”

He said that the FANB will be aware of the constitutional task that corresponds them to develop in national matters.