FANB declares those who participated in the attack on the military base of Paramacay as traitors to the Homeland

Hace 5 meses.

This Wednesday, the Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) sanctioned the military Yefferson García Dos Ramos and Juan Carlos Caguaripano, for their participation in the terrorist attack perpetrated last Sunday against the military base of Paramacay, in Valencia, Carabobo state.

The operational strategic commander, Admiral Remigio Ceballos, asserted that as well as the deserter captain Caguaripano and First Lieutenant Garcia: “All those who use their arms against the Venezuelan State and offend the military honor will be declared enemies of the Homeland. We, the FANB, are guarantors of peace, and we are resolved every day to work with effort and sacrifice to defend the peace and tranquility of the Homeland”.

Meanwhile, Major General Jesus Suarez Chourio said: “We were the object of a miserable attack, a mercenary, paramilitary, terrorist attack, executed by the enemies of our Homeland, by the enemies of the FANB and therefore enemies of the People . So we have been the object of a treason that has a face and a name, in this case by the first Lieutenant Yefferson García Dos Ramos, who became an accomplice in this terrorist attack, and therefore is a crime contemplated in our Code of Military Justice, as Treason to the Homeland; And it is also an attack on military honor and our code of honor”, he said.

The Commander indicated that Garcia is fugitive, however, he is being actively sought by our special forces. “We are already bearing the fruits of that persecution that we have on him, have joined his relatives, who do not share his actions, and so they ask him to rectify and come voluntarily to render an account to the Venezuelan justice”, he said.

“This is why our Army firmly declares all those terrorists who perpetrated that miserable attack as enemies of the Army, of the FANB and therefore, enemies of the People”, he said.

Chourio urged to continue promoting peace and justice, as well as continue to build the Bolivarian and Revolutionary path, legacy of Hugo Chávez.