Executive will request TSJ on Monday to analyze fraudulent right wing signatures

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Commission on Validation of collecting signatures by the right wing in order to begin the process of a Presidential referendum, Jorge Rodriguez, reported on Sunday that this Monday will be requested before the Supreme Justice Court to evaluate more than 600,000 signatures included by the self-called Democratic Unity Board (MUD) in the forms delivered to the National Electoral Council (CNE).

In an interview with state-owned TV station VTV, Rodriguez said: “We will ask the Supreme Court of Justice to evaluate these serious facts (…) 605,000 flagrant crimes, flagrant errors, and some are too obvious; deceased people signing, underage minors signing, sentenced people signing “.

“Afterwards, are possible legal and juridic demands of a criminal order, because if a person sees that the name and signature of a deceased relative was used, that person may resort to this kind of legal actions”, he said.

He urged the Venezuelans to review their identity cards on the website of the CNE to know if their signature was used fraudulently, if so, they can request the cancellation of the signature.

Out of the 1,957,779 records delivered by the opposition to the CNE, 1,352, 052 are valid, and another 605,727 are invalid, due to irregularities involving more than 10,000 signatures of deceased citizens, 9,333 nonexistent ID card numbers; more than 3,000 ID cards of underage citizens, and 1,335 politically disabled people.

In this sense, Rodriguez reported that if the CNE registered any irregularities in the signature, the website will indicate so, and the signature may be either reiterated or removed. However, he stressed that the electoral body has not invalidated any signature yet.