Executive power will sue AN directorate for usurpation of functions and treason

Hace 2 años.

The National Executive will introduce a lawsuit against the directors of the National Assembly (AN), for usurping functions in the international relations of Venezuela and for requesting, against the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the intervention of the nation, as informed President Nicolas Maduro.

This was announced by the Head of State during his participation in the march of transporters and the motorized force which was held on Tuesday and which arrived at Miraflores Palace.

“Tomorrow through the Foreign Ministry and the Attorney General of the Republic, I will send this demand for usurping unique features of the President of the Republic. Is a demand with an immediate resource of protection because it aims to seek the intervention to Venezuela in international organizations”, explained the President.

In this regard he said, “I want to make a historical trial in order to demonstrate not only the usurpation of functions, but the treason to the Homeland. The fight is made by fighting, and therefore I ask for all the people’s support. “