Every day happen attacks against Venezuela aimed at potential agressions

Hace 2 años.

Journalist José Vicente Rangel alerted the country on the fierce campaign that runs from abroad against Venezuela, to destabilize the National Government with a host of well-planned infamies.

“This accumulation of infamies against the country is unprecedented, never before something similar had happened against a State, a Government and a People as it is currently the case with Venezuela. In a perverse manner are being attacked institutions, leadership is disqualified, and even are used miserable expressions against the people. Every day is made an attack by rulers, political and economic leaders from other nations, without any foundation, which correspond to a destructive purpose simply geared to lay the foundations of potential aggression”, said Rangel.

As an example of the intentions of the extreme right wing and the communicational powers that, contrary to maintaining the peace and stability of the nation, seek to create an atmosphere of anxiety and despair in the country, he referred to “the management given to the case of the unfortunate death of an eight year old boy named Oliver Sanchez, affected by cancer”.

“The right wing and the unscrupulous media feasted with the fact, by attributing what happened to the lack of drugs to treat the child” he repudiated.

He reported that the irresponsibility with which this case was manipulated by both the national and international press, “gets stronger when the child’s father, Alexis Sanchez, lamented himself that the media disclosed false news, as his son always had the necessary medications, delivered by the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security”.

“What is underway is a plan to intervene in the country. “So many lies, so many infamies, can only be explained this way. The National Independence and Sovereignty are currently under a very serious risk with the combined action of international powers, corporations and the fifth column that is operating from inside the country”, said Rangel.