Escarrá: Venezuela does not need an amnesty law

Hace 2 años.

The constitutional lawyer and professor Herman Escarrá, participated in a special session of the Legislative Council of Táchira state, organized as part of the commemoration of the birth of Francisco de Miranda, an act in which he stressed that in the country there are no conditions to implement the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

Escarrá considers that the Charter does not apply to the reality of the country at this time, noting that the opposition sector has been given the task of distorting what is happening in Venezuela, also pointed out that the legal text does not have any sanctions, as it is made up of recommendations.

On the other hand, he said that it is regrettable that in the Amnesty Law proposed by the opposition sector are not included the victims of the “Guarimbas” (street riot barricades of 2014).