Eekhout: US tries to defeat Venezuela by all ways

Hace 2 años.

“We cannot accept coup actions that seek to impose the Condor Plan in our region. The solution for humanity is in Latin America, which is the guarantor of a multipolar world, “said on Tuesday Blanca Eekhout, National Coordinator of the “Simon Bolivar” Great Patriotic Pole.

“Gringos are trying by all means to defeat Venezuela. for having great oil wealth,” said Eekhout during the “Tres y Dos” (Three and Two) program of Venezolana de Television.

The National Coordinator of the Great Patriotic Pole, said that Venezuela is an example of People’s Power and therefore it is important the reestablishment of this world, in order to defeat imperialism.

“Venezuela is again in the forefront of being free, has said “enough” to the brutal reaction of imperialism, who are a threat to the life of the planet because among them arise new economic blocs in order to impose on the forces of terrorism,” said Eekhout.