Edwin Rojas: If the Supreme Court declared fraud there will be no recall referendum

Hace 2 años.

“If the Supreme Justice Court pronounces and declares it null due to fraud there would be no recall referendum nor any other request for having incurred (the MUD) in illegalities during the process, That is why we do not agree neither on that it is done in three days when President Nicolas Maduro was elected in a single day”.

The statement was made by the Deputy by the Homeland Bloc, Edwin Rojas, during an interview on the private TV station Venevision, in which he stressed that the opposition has every right to activate the referendum process by legal means, just like the revolution has the same right to ratify President Nicolas Maduro to dutifully end his term.

In the parliamentary opinion, the referendum is infected from its outset by the use of fraudulent signatures, so the opposition can not blame anyone for their ineptitude in failing to activate the the recall referendum this year.

The National Electoral Council (CNE) informed this Wednesday that the collection of 20 percent of expressions of will for the recall referendum will be held from October 26, 27 and 28 Will be used 5,392 voting machines distributed in 1,356 centers, located in the 335 municipalities and deployed in 776 parishes of the country.