Earle Herrera: President Maduro’s annual message was constitutional

Hace 1 año.

“Firstly, the National Assembly is in contempt, President Maduro must respect the sentences of the TSJ and, therefore, he is obliged to present his message before that instance. Secondly, there is a contradiction within the Parliament, because if they have just approved an abandonment of office, if he has abandoned his post, how come they call him to present the message?”.

This statement was made by Deputy Earle Herrera during an interview conducted by Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), in which he referred to the contradictions of the right-wing deputies in trying to classify as unconstitutional the actions of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela , Nicolás Maduro.

This Sunday, the Head of State presented his annual message for 2016 before the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), due to the situation of contempt in which is the legislative body.

During his speech, the President lamented the fact that he did not presented the message to the Parliament, however, he stressed that he has a responsibility to the Venezuelan people and a commitment to the Constitution.

“Nothing and nobody would prevent me from fulfilling my obligation to render accounts to the country, an obligation that is, above all, an ethical one. I owe myself to the people of Venezuela and I would go wherever necessary to give my account”, he said.