Each day of peace is a defeat for the right wing

Hace 11 meses.

“Each day of peace is a defeat for them … We must give them 365 days of defeat and we must prepare for that with inflexible laws,” said the first Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello.

During a meeting of the National Directorate of PSUV, with the participation of parish and municipal teams, held this Thursday in Parque Central, Caracas, as a preparatory meeting to the call for the National Constituent Assembly, he pointed out that the right wing has sown hatred in the Venezuelan people.

The hatred, fueled by the propaganda devices of Alberto Federico Ravell and Miguel Henrique Otero, which led a citizen to throw a bottle of frozen water at a person who was traveling through La Candelaria during a Chavista march.

A feeling, -he went on to point out-, that led a boy to catch fire while shredding a motorcycle from the Bolivarian National Guard, “It is sad that a young man ends up like that due to the madness of four or five people ambitious of power and who do not understand that in here there is a Constitution “.

“They have led this people to hatred, and one goes around quietly. We have to thank Commander Chavez for the formation and the conscience of this people that has not overflowed, it has not gone wild and there it is, and now it is the turn for a constitutional resource. ”

In this scenario, the issue of terrorism is strengthened, he agreed, one of the nine points of the National Constituent Assembly, interpreting terror and fear as terrorist practices to prevail in politics.