Dip Ortega: In six months the right wing at the NA has been a setback to the country

Hace 2 años.

During the first six months in office the right wing at the National Assembly has done nothing but to respond to the economic and political interests to serve the US empire .

The remark was made by the deputy of the Homeland Bloc in the National Parliament, Saul Ortega, who said that the current board of the legislature has mocked those who elected them and have put back the people’s needs.

“Definitely the Assembly has meant a setback, a nuisance, a blockade for the policies that the Executive power advances in terms of solving the problems of the people”, said Ortega.

The deputy reiterated the permanent complicity of the opposition parliamentarians with the economic war that is aimed against the country.

The revolutionary legislator praised the continuing efforts of the national government to address the problems that now confronts the nation.