Deputies requesting an intervention to Venezuela are subject to prosecution

Hace 2 años.

Those deputies who are seeking for a political or military intervention in Venezuela are subject to viable legal actions by the commission of the crime of treason to the Homeland, as stated in the Venezuelan Penal Code, said on Thursday the parliamentarian Edwin Rojas.

“I think that, from that point of view, any judicial action can be made against those who commit this, whether they are part of the Board of the Assembly or not,” said Rojas.

On the proposal to dissolve the Parliament -he stressed- it can be achieved “with a single course that is set when is issued a censure vote towards the Vice President, and is a facultative power of the President of the Republic to take this action.”

At another point, he said that the Parliamentary Homeland Bloc in the National Assembly (AN) will continue to insist on the agenda of dialogue as the main tool of the revolutionary offensive against the circumstantial right wing m ajority in the legislature, with the idea of establishing relationships of respect and tolerance within the context of participatory democracy, as established by the Constitution.

In an interview on the “El Desayuno” (The Breakfast) program, broadcast by Venezolana de Television, he warned that the opposition is “seeking for elements to go into looting, vandalism, since their political agenda did not give them any results, they seek the violent agenda.”