Delcy Rodriguez: Venezuela is the voice of many peoples of the world attacked by the US

Hace 2 años.

“The world has witnessed terrible situations caused by the US, which have even forced its President Barack Obama to make an acknowledgement, -although a shy one- of the mistakes made by his Government which have costed the disintegration of countless countries and the suffering of entire peoples. We warn that they aim to turn Venezuela into another error of which they will surely repent afterwards “.

This statement was made by Chancellor Delcy Rodríguez, during an interview at the “José Vicente Hoy” (José Vicente Today) program, broadcast on Sunday by the private television channel Televen, regarding an assessment of the international situation on which is Venezuela by facing the strong media, economic and political campaigns that apply the imperial centers to attack it.

In her speech, the diplomat noted that when Venezuela participates around the world in various international events, the Bolivarian Government passes from being the voice of all Venezuelans to become the voice of many people in the world who would also want to live a revolutionary process, and who are witnesses of that, even though the country is in the midst of a very strong campaign with false accusations, it holds the second consecutive year as a nonpermanent member of the Security Council of the United National, a member of the Human Rights Council and is part of the Council of Social and Economic Rights of the United Nations.

“Venezuela represents a voice, that of the independence, of sovereignty, wherever stands out a Venezuelan representation in the international areas is speaking the Bolivarian diplomacy, with the doctrinal content of our liberators, of independence and sovereignty; we are also talking about a peace diplomacy recognized by the international community”, said Rodriguez.

However, despite the US foreign policy towards Venezuela of not maintaining a line of respect and the unconventional warfare that is facing the country, the senior official reiterated the will that has always had the Venezuelan Government and President Nicolas Maduro to maintain a diplomatic relationship, as long as it is based on mutual respect.

“To try to tell our people what to do, to try to tell the Government what should be dictated in Venezuela, is inadmissible. We do not accept it, not from the Government of the United States, nor from any other government in the world, “said the diplomat.