Daza: US prepares direct attack on Venezuela

Hace 10 meses.

“A direct attack by the United States Government against our country is being prepared. An intervention by the US military, bombing our cities, taking oil facilities, taking control of the main ports and media, this is about a colonial occupation by a world power”, warned on Thursday international analyst Roy Daza.

In a telephone call through Venezolana de Televisión, Daza said that the national and international media campaign supported by the North American country seeks to make the curtain to justify this type of intervention.

He added that: “What the administration of the American nation is imposing as a policy has a fundamental characteristic of the action of fascists such as segregation, direct attack, insult and aggression against citizens,” he said.

“We are in a delicate moment of international life”, said Daza.

Regarding the support and respect for the sovereignty of Venezuela, he said that what happened on Wednesday in the United Nations Security Council is a sample of the set of countries that do not agree with the intervention to the Homeland of Bolivar.

Likewise, the international expert emphasized the support for the dialogue that the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China have given to the country, nations that do not endorse the interference.

However, he repudiated the interventionist statements by the Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos: “We Venezuelans do not want for our country that model of civil, fratricide war of yours. We Venezuelans will look for ways to resolve our differences”, he said.

Likewise, he rejected the action of the opposition deputy, Julio Borges, who has interfered in the powers of the Executive, causing an “irruption of the Constitutional thread”.

“This action, as well as that of the National Assembly to hinder relations is very serious”, since they do everything possible to say in the world that they do not support Venezuela because they seem “to dream with the destruction of our country”, said. Roy Daza.