Criminal gangs have 72 hours to get voluntarily pacified

Hace 2 años.

Nicolas Maduro, president of the Republic, as part of the Operation for People’s Liberation, (OLP) called on criminal gangs to surrender and lower their arms voluntarily to benefit the people and the peace in the country.

“Those groups involved in crime who want to get pacified and surrender peacefully must do so in the next 72 hours according to the parameters established in the Movement for Peace and Life,” he said.

He said that the operation in its first planning phase will run for within 72 hours, noting that the operation will be held in a continuous manner throughout the national territory.

“Our people deserves a community of peace, a world of peace, to make culture, sports and work flourish,” he said on Tuesday night during his television program “Contacto con Maduro” (Contact with Maduro) held from Miraflores Palace in Caracas .