Constitution establishes how and who are entitled to convene Constituent Assembly

Hace 10 meses.

The Constitution of 1999 establishes in articles 347 and 348 how and who are entitled to convene a National Constituent Assembly (ANC), which resolved the absence of this figure in the Constitution of 1961, as emphasized this Wednesday the inspector general of courts, Marielys Valdez.

When interviewed in the “Encendidos” program, broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, she emphasized that the Magna Carta makes it clear that the President of the Republic can make this call, as did the national president Nicolás Maduro on May 1.

“In this Constitution it is said that the people (…) 15% of the electors can call a National Constituent Assembly, but also can do it the President of the Republic in Council of Ministers, in addition it can be made by the National Assembly with two thirds of its members, and can also be made by the cabildos”, she said.

She recalled that before the 1999 Constitution there was no ANC historical precedent nor any alternative for the people to express themselves and have the possibility to choose a new Constitution.

In this regard, Valdez rejected the opinion matrix that has been tried to maintain opposition parties on the powers of the Head of State in the matter and, in that sense, said: “We must not say and we can not say that the President is not the people; The President is the ultimate expression of the original power, the President comes to his endowment through votes of the people and he is legitimized by the Constitution to convene.

Regarding the process of national dialogue that has been repeatedly called for by the national leader, he stressed that it is necessary to discuss the call and participation that must have opposition parties in the process.

“The idea is for both sides to sit down, not to decide or propose ideas separately,” said Valdez.

About the violent events that have occurred in some cities of the country during April and May, which have left 35 people dead and more than 700 injured, she explained that there are crimes such as the so-called Attack to the Sentinel, for which are being tried Civilians for attacks on security personnel in the exercise of their functions.

“Attack on the Sentinel is the aggression against one who is exercising control of public order,” she said.

During those violent actions, which have been generated in the midst of calls for demonstrations by right-wing sectors, military personnel have also been assaulted.

Given the situation that persisted in the course of the demonstrations and seeing that sectors of the right wing refused to join the process of dialogue, President Maduro convened the ANC, whose main objective is to achieve peace in the country.