Constituents reported their management across the country

Hace 5 meses.

The representatives of the National Constituent Assembly made yesterday a national deployment to render account of their management to the people, two months after the installation of the plenipotentiary power.

“There have been two months of work for the peace and tranquility of the country that President Nicolás Maduro entrusted to us”, wrote the ANC chairwoman, Delcy Rodríguez, through her Twitter account, @DrodriguezVen.

Constituents Darío Vivas and Ángelo Rivas, members of the Commission of Citizen Participation, along with constituent Francisco Torrealba, were in the Bolivar and Delta Amacuro states, where they presented a balance of the actions of the Constituent during that period.

Also, the president of the ANC Justice Commission, Andrés Eloy Méndez, and constituent María Alejandra Díaz, met with the working class of Falcón state, where they received proposals from the people. For her part, Aloha Nuñez participated in a popular assembly in Zulia state.

In Escuque, Trujillo state, Gerardo Márquez was with workers, while Haydee Huérfano came to Guárico state to confirm the commitment of the people of this state with the Bolivarian Revolution.

“From Sucre state we say: The ANC is PEACE. In the Civic-Military Union we will overcome!! “, wrote on twitter the constituent Gilberto Pinto Blanco.