Constituent Open Councils will he beld throughout the ountry

Hace 12 meses.

The open constituent cabildos (councils) will be a new working tool to consolidate the proposals of the Venezuelan people, framed in the 9 points proposed by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro for the installation of The National Constituent Assembly, said the Vice President of mobilization and events of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Darío Vivas, regarding a working meeting in the Municipal Council of the Bolivarian Municipality of Libertador.

Vivas said that “in this meeting the first proposals must arise taking into consideration the nine objectives proposed by President Maduro.” He also said that organizational work will be a fundamental element to achieve greater information and dissemination of this instrument to the people. Darío Vivas informed that the organization “has divided in 2 areas this assembly in sectoral and territorial spokesmen”.

In the same order of ideas, he called for the organization of each of the councils in the municipalities of the country, “to generate a work agenda so that 2 or 3 times a week there are spaces to inform the community about the Discussions of the National Constituent Assembly. “Let’s make the work plan and adapt the whole bureaucracy to this call of President Maduro.”

Vivas also informed that tomorrow the Constitutional Presidential Commission will receive the presidents, vice presidents and heads of fraction of the Municipal Councils of the whole country, next to all the councilors of the homeland and the presidents of the Municipal Legislative Councils. The constituents of 1999 were also summoned to explain the whole work plan to develop this activity in the municipalities, all as part of the fundamental role that the Municipal Councils have to carry out this project, he said.