Constituent is the way to achieve the peace of Venezuela

Hace 10 meses.

The National Constituent Assembly is the constitutional, peaceful, democratic and electoral solution to achieve the peace of Venezuela, said Constitutional lawyer Hermann Escarrá.

“The fundamental objective of the constituent process is to seek peace … because all the mechanisms of dialogue have been exhausted…. It is the people of Venezuela, in a universal, direct and secret vote who will raise who will be interlocutors and what is going to be discussed. ”

Escarrá stressed that the people is the owner of the constituent process. “The owner of the  constituent power is the people, and the people manifests, demands and raises (…) The constituent is not appointed or delegated, it is a general election therefore if it is a is the general election we all go to decide according to the plurality of the thinking of the Venezuelan people who must have the majority”.

He also ruled that in the absence of a sincere dialogue between political factors, the Constituent Assembly will serve as a mechanism for settling disputes. At the same time, he affirmed that the Venezuelan people want to live in peace, and this initiative is the way to combat the violence deployed by opposition sectors.