Conquered rights will have constitutional status with the ANC

Hace 11 meses.

“Through the Cational Constitutional process those rights that we have conquered, that equality before the law, that constant political participation is to be made into a constitutional law. Now there are things that are in fact a guarantee in the social political process that we live, but that are not yet as constitutional guarantees, such as the missions, the equal participation of women in politics, “said the deputy for the Homeland Bloc, Tania Díaz.

From the mobilization of the revolutionary people, from the Morelos square in Bellas Artes, in Caracas. up to the corner of San Francisco, in support of the constituent process, the parliamentarian stressed that this new ANC will also make it possible to guarantee the peace and stability of the country.

“The National Constituent Assembly is the way in this political crisis, the way we Venezuelans can opt to open doors, to seek legal ways to advance in a future for our children and for our country,” she said.

She invited on all political sectors to join the call of the Presidential Commission for the Constituent Assembly. “It is a process in which all sectors are invited and whoever does not join is going to remain outside a historical political moment,” she emphasized.

“I understand that these (right wing) leaders can not present themselves with their true face before the country, they are interested in instituting a de facto political project where their true intention is the restoration of the old Venezuelan social political regime, is the retreat of rhe rights of Venezuelans, and they can not say that, and since they can not say it, as they can not present with a genuine and sincere political project, they refuse to dialogue”, she said.