Confidentials: Approval of Amnesty Law is a legal aberration

Hace 2 años.

This Sunday, in the “Confidentials” section of his TV program, Venezuelan journalist Jose Vicente Rangel said that the adoption of the amnesty law “is a legal aberration and is absolutely unconstitutional.”

He added that with this instrument, “Is intended to extend a blanket of impunity for those who have committed serious crimes”.

Rangel said that a recent study made on communication media by the Hinterlaces polling company indicated that “A 68% of Venezuelans have a favorable opinion of the Globovision news channel, and a 89% thinks that the Government should renew its concession to continue broadcasting (On open air signal)”.

Regarding comments on the radicalization of his TV program, he said that “As the constitutional order gets extremed it and becomes more evident that the opposition is acting in order to provoke a Coup d’ Etat, I feel obliged to thoroughly repudiate this attitude to which must be given a stop in time, we can not allow it to advance (…) therefore my radicalization “.