Comptroller: NA lacks qualified majority to approve organic laws

Hace 2 años.

“The National Assembly, currently, has not the two-third parts, it lacks a qualified majority to approve the draft of reform of the Organic Law of the Comptroller General of the Republic, this is not an invention”, said Comptroller Manuel Galindo.

At a press conference in Caracas, referring to the provisions of Article 203 of the Constitution of the Republic, he said that this articulate establishes the parameters, guidelines and procedures for the enactment of organic laws, in addition to the requirements for a reform or modification of such instruments.

Galindo, who qualified as a flagrant violation the approval, on April 5, of the draft reform of the Organic Law and the National System for Fiscal Control, added that being in the presence of a repetitive omission of a constitutional character by disowning sentence 341 of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Justice Court.

The right wing, from the National Assembly, aims to “get ahold of the fiscal control with exclusive visions and foundations of a political character, of pardon or amnesty camouflaged within that reform bill” he said.

He noted that in the coming days will release the report conducted by the technical team of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic.