CNN promotes dirty campaign to justify a military intervention in Venezuela

Hace 2 años.

CNN in Spanish, a television channel funded by the Department of State of the Government of the United States, made a report at the José María Vélaz school in the the Ruíz Pineda sector in Caracas, interviewing a mother of seven (7) children, and highlighting the poor nutrition which affects that family.

The journalist of said media, Osmary Hernandez, did this work obviating the true reality of the country in relation to the economic war and manipulating the information, which, in the consideration of the people, seeks to justify a foreign military intervention in Venezuela, as they have done in Libya, Iraq and in other countries.

In the report they made are demonstrated three (3) fundamental facts which make evident the intentions of it: firstly ie being hidden information on the Government actionss, such as the School Alimentation Program (PAE), which serves to more than 4 million children in the country; secondly, they manipulate the reality of a country by trying to generalize in the case of a particular family; Thirdly, they use the difficult circumstance of two (2) children, not to mention anywhere the issue of the induced food shortages.