CNE will provide technical report on the process of verification of signatures

Hace 2 años.

The National Electoral Council will deliver in the coming days a report from the first phase of the validation process of a 1% of the signatures, raised by the technical committee and endorsed by the witnesses of the Great Patriotic Pole and the Board of Democratic Unity party.

The information was given by the rector of the CNE, Tania D’Amelio, when interviewed in the program “El Desayuno” (The Breakfast), broadcast by Venezolana de Television, who said that currently they are in the digitizing phase.

He said that each of the reports prepared in the course of this process have been signed by witnesses from both political sectors, in order to confirm their veracity.

After the presentation of the technical report, the data of people whose signatures were certified will be incorporated to the voting machines in their state, in order to validate the signatures contained in the forms.

She recalled that in the 2003 presidential election, the opposition political organizations requested to the CNE the conduct of the audit of a 100% of the minutes, a process that was accepted prior a conscious analysis of the strength of the electoral body.

This time, she said, a political sector requested the validation, with the incorporation of professionals in fingerprinting, to verify the accuracy of data contained in the forms.