CNE guarantees political rights of all Venezuelans

Hace 2 años.

The Chairwoman of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena, confirmed that this instance guarantees and protects the political rights of all Venezuelans, this concerning the request for a presidential revoking referendum.

“There are rights of those who want to pursue the revoking referendum, but also of those who voted for that person,” she said on Monday during her statements from the headquarters of the Electoral Power, where she explained to the country all the stages and procedures performed around the application.

Lucena said that, since 2000, the institution has carried out reliable, auditable and secure electoral processes, under logistical and legal principles.

“Sometimes we forget that we already had other revoking referenda, which is an experience that we have accumulated (…) we had 10 revoking referenda in 2007 at the municipal level (…) We have not attempted any actions from out of the blue, are similar to processes before, however, political actors are looking, through the misrepresentation of standards, the demolition of the electoral authority”, she said, referring to the groups that seek to delegitimize the electoral Power.

In this sense, she emphasized that to make a presidential revoking referendum is essential to meet the required legal and technical principles.

She also stressed that Article 72 of the Constitution provides for four conditions which are essential to carry out the revoking referendum. “Halfway through the period for which was elected a functionary, no fewer than a twenty percent of the voters or registered voters in the constituency, may request the convening of a referendum to revoke the mandate”, refers the aforementioned article of the Magna Carta.

She stressed that ensuring the constitutional rights of the population is essential to promote peace and stability in the country.