CNE confirms suspension of deputies to the AN by Amazonas State

Hace 2 años.

The National Electoral Council (CNE) confirmed on Sunday the suspension of the “totalization, adjudication and proclamation of the candidates elected by uninominal vote, list vote and the indigenous representation in Amazonas state” according to sentence number 260 of December 2015.

Through an official announcement, the agency ruled that has not been issued any administrative act that allows the swearing in of the candidates for deputies of this region. In this regard, it urges to wait for as notification of the judgment in question, in accordance with the provisions of the electoral laws.

“In accordance with this decision, the National Electoral Council (CNE) complies to report that this electoral authority has not issued any administrative act on the aforementioned election of deputies to the National Assembly, by nominal, list vote and indigenous representation by Amazonas state, after the notification of the aforementioned judgment. All in accordance with the legal and constitutional provisions governing the matter”, says the notice.

On Thursday 28, the board of the National Assembly, with the support of the opposition bench, incorporated and sworn in Romel Guzamana, Nirma Guarulla and Julio Ygarza as deputies, in contempt of the ruling of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) which dictates the divestiture of the same national legislature.