CNE approved propaganda rules for the electoral campaign

Hace 2 semanas.

The National Electoral Council (CNE), approved this week the special rules for electoral propaganda in the media, in the face of the elections of May 20. Thus was informed by Tibisay Lucena, president of that body.

Within those rules, she stressed that: “It is forbidden to make propaganda that promotes violence and non-compliance with the laws (…) any type of propaganda with children that affects the mental health of people is prohibited”, said Lucena.

In those rules, are also prohibited the propaganda that discourages the exercise of the right to vote. The media must provide a balanced coverage. The presidential candidates will have 4 minutes on television and 3 minutes on radio.

It is also forbidden to make propaganda that promotes war, discrimination and intolerance. Photographs are not allowed at the time of the vote. Propaganda that calls for disowning the laws is prohibited

The Chairwoman of the CNE, also indicated that it is a law for the media to provide a balanced coverage to each of the candidates in the upcoming elections, scheduled for May 20, 2018.

On the other hand, he stressed that all audits have been carried out to guarantee the security of the vote, emphasizing that the entire process can be viewed via the Internet.

During the press conference, Lucena also reported that the National Electoral Council (CNE), reinstated the polling centers that were affected by the actions of seditious groups in 2017.