Clark: We will continue in the ongoing fight against corruption

Hace 1 año.

The Representative by the Homeland Bloc to theNational Assembly, Víctor Clark, on Monday welcomed President Nicolás Maduro’s determination to reorganize PDVSA’s executive structure as part of the cleaning process that the Executive branch is doing to prevent scrupulous people from using the resources of the State for personal benefit.

“The fight against corruption is permanent, (it’s) a culture for which we must fight to exterminate, we must take it firmly and that is being required by this new directorate of PDVSA”, he added.

In an interview for the private TV station Globovisión, he stressed that it is necessary to promote the work culture within the oil industry in favor of a better implementation of the policies.

“We are aware that corruption is an anti-value that is somehow inoculated, that every day gravitates on the responsibilities of those who are in the public management and deviate their roles to betray the interests of the people, and therefore we will continue in an iron fight to continue promoting new values”, sentenced Clark.

Regarding the elections of Governors and Mayors stipulated for this year, the Venezuelan deputy said that they are ready to accept everything the National Electoral Council (CNE) may determine, in favor of democracy.

“When the CNE determines and defines the schedule we will be prepared to participate, it is to the opposition that corresponds to sort out their roadmap that has led them to failure”, he said.