Chancellor Rodriguez: Venezuela will continue to exercise the presidency of Mercosur

Hace 2 años.

The Chancellor of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, said on Monday that the nation is exerting the pro-tempore presidency of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) since last July 30, when it was finished the period of Uruguay.

“Venezuela will fully exercise what rightfully corresponds to it, which is the legitimate and full exercise of both its rights and its duties”.

During an interview on the “Siete Preguntas” (Seven Questions) program with Ernesto Villegas, broadcast by Telesur, she explained that will not be executed the pretenses by Paraguay to reject the transfer of the presidency.

She also recalled that the rules of Mercosur provide that the transfer of the pro-tempore presidency should be given upon completion of a semester and it must be done alphabetically. Therefore, if Venezuela fails to assume its right “we would be in a limbo where no one knows what rule to be respected or what to do, in the background there is the triple alliance that aims to implement a Condor Plan against the Bolivarian Revolution.”

She stressed that any contrary determination would affect the union of South America, intending to return to the past, where human rights of people were violated.

“We are responsibly exerting the pro-tempore presidency of Mercosur”, she added.

The Chancellor said the arbitrary measures that intends to implement the Republic of Argentina will not be executed, “Venezuela has rejected the decisions of the Chancellors and the Heads of State, it concerns to us the way how the Argentinean Chancellor disrespects the international treaties, it is cause for concern, she did it already at the OAS and they intend to disown the rules of Mercosur “.