Chancellor Rodriguez asked the people not to be fooled: Here’s revolution for long!

Hace 2 años.

“Let ourselves not be fooled, here we have a Revolution for long, and that gives a future and hope to the people of Venezuela”, said the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Delcy Rodríguez, during a visit, accompanied by the Cuban Chancellor, Bruno Rodriguez, to the Center for Comprehensive Diagnosis “Sierra Maestra”, located in the “23 de Enero” parish in Caracas.

After a long day of work that began in the night hours of Monday and lasted until the early hours of Tuesday in which both delegations reviewed the agenda of cooperation in matters of health, education, culture and sport, Rodriguez said that the health program, which covers Barrio Adentro, CAI, CDI, SRI and ASIC- has been a guarantee of the Revolution against the imperial lunges.

Rodriguez assured, after sharing with the people who were interned in the CDI “Sierra Maestra”, “The Venezuelan people have resisted with dignity and strength”, the imperial onslaught expressed in the economic war.

She thanked President Raul Castro, the leader Fidel Castro and the Cuban people, victims of the criminal imperial blockade that has claimed the lives of millions of people, for their solidarity and the support provided to the Venezuelan people.

“Cuba and Venezuela in a single banner, let the enemy not get it wrong! Here we are receiving the strength of their solidarity with the presence of the Chancellor of Cuba, but minute by minute it is received by the people of Venezuela with more than 30,000 collaborators of health and other areas that are accompanying the Venezuelan people. “