Chaderton: Presence of companions to dialogue avoids interventionist actions

Hace 1 año.

The presence of the companions of the peace dialogue maintained by the National Government with representatives of the political opposition is a sign of their solidarity with the purpose of that Venezuela does not experience the same events of violence and intervention that occurred in their respective countries, said the Venezuelan diplomat Roy Chaderton, who is part of the executive team that participates in the talks.

“It is a mistake to disqualify and minimize dialogue mediators, because they represent countries that have gone through complex conflicts, who would help the nation to avoid such situations”, emphasized Chaderton during the “Vladimir a la 1” (Vladimir at 1) program, broadcast through a private station.

He stressed that, according to the surveys, the dialogue has an acceptance by the population of 80%.

“The majority of opposition leaders do not want to sit at the table of dialogue, considering that they have done so under pressure from the public opinion … A wise politician learn from its defeats, this opposition and its leaders do not learn from their mistakes, and much less from their victories, and so it is much more difficult to advance. I have always said this, we have to rectify the mistakes and ratify the triumphs”, he said.

Chaderton urged sectors of the right wing to respect constitutional lapses and expect the current Presidential term to end, so that it is the Electoral Power that convenes presidential elections within the framework of the Constitution.

“They prefer the Coup shortcut rather than waiting and trusting the people. These impatient guys, Why don’t they wait a little? They have not had bad luck, with this CNE (National Electoral Council) they have won very important elections, and yet I get the impression that they fear losing, because they know that the people will not want to lose their social achievements and will want to ratify Chavismo within power”, he said.