Chaderton: Opposition will be isolated if it maintains refusal to dialogue

Hace 2 años.

Venezuelan diplomat Roy Chaderton, said on Sunday that the opposition will be isolated if it maintains the refusal of a National dialogue convened by the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, in more than five times.

“We have an immensely immature opposition, there are plenty of far-right wing activists, and many of them on their way to senility” he said during an interview with a private television channel.

In that sense, the member of the Government team for a dialogue with the opposition, said that political leaders of both trends should tone down in order to seek for solutions to the current situation.

However, he noted that the measures taken by President Nicolas Maduro point to a slow but progressive solution to the problems. “Chavismo has come here to stay,” he said.

Position of the church:

Chaderton said the Venezuelan Catholic Church “disturbs” the process of dialogue between the Government and the opposition “in order to justify the radical opposition and not to dialogue.”

He argued that this position contradicts the international community and that of Pope Francis, who has stressed the importance of dialogue to overcome the differences.

“For the international community, the dialogue it is the magic word.”


In relation to the refusal of Paraguay to support the transfer of the pro-tempore presidency of Mercosur to Venezuela, he said that this position represents the “resentment” of that nation.

“Paraguay is being governed by a smuggling extreme right wing, and they feel resentment because Venezuela is charging them a significant debt through PDVSA,” he said.